Warranty Terms

All products that Horoz Europe provide, under 2 years guarantee without any restriction except,

  • Products which installed by unauthorized installer. (All installation should made by qualified technician.)
  • Electricity and voltage problem on installation region.
  • Improper storage conditions.
  • User faults.
  • Unfollowed installation or using conditions indicated by user manual.
  • Psychical drops.

Application Of The Warranty

  • The contractual warranty set out here in is effective only if the customer submits a written complaint to Horoz Europe SPRL, to be sent by email to info@horozeurope.com with list of product, no later than eight (8) days after the product begins to function poorly, or defective.
  • The warranty is offered to the END CUSTOMER and is valid for the first installation of the products.  Subsequent installations of said product are not covered by this warranty.
  • If Horoz Europe recognizes the product defect reported by the Customer, they will have the right to a replacement or to a repair of that item as a whole, or of the relevant control gear, if the problem is relative to that part.
  • Horoz Europe reserves the right to replace a defective product with another product with a similar design and the same or better performance, or to refund the customer for the purchase price.
  • Replacement products retain the terms of the original warranty.
  • The costs of labor to replace product are not covered, nor is any damage, even if only indirect, connected to the products' defect.
  • No agent, distributor or dealer is in any way authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of the warranty on behalf of Horoz Europe, under any circumstances.
  • At Horoz Europe request, non-conforming or defective products will become the property of Horoz Europe as soon as they are replaced.